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Docker install on the Raspberry Pi 4

The default package in Debian 10 (buster) is broken. I used puppet and the puppetlabs-docker module to install the testing version of docker-ce. I then configured the Plex Media Server as a docker container also using puppet.

1. Run the following commands as root to install puppet

# wget$(lsb_release -sc).deb

# dpkg -i puppet5-release-$(lsb_release -sc).deb

# apt update

# apt install puppet

2. Install the puppetlabs-docker module

# puppet module install puppetlabs-docker

3. Create a puppet manifest

The test channel is used because a stable package for the armv7l architecture didn't exist yet


class { 'docker':
  docker_ce_channel => 'test'

4. Apply the docker.pp puppet manifest to install and configure docker

# puppet apply --test docker.pp

5. Example: install and run the linuxserver/plex container by appending to the docker.pp file and applying the declarative manifest.


docker::run { 'plex':
  image => 'linuxserver/plex',
  net => 'host',
  env => [
  volumes => [

Create the directories and set the owner to match the UID of the container

# mkdir -p /var/lib/plex/config /data/tv /data/movies

# chown -R 1000:1000 /var/lib/plex/config /data/tv /data/movies
# puppet apply --test docker.pp

6. You can then browse to the Plex webUI at http://raspberry.pi.ip.address:32400

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