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Load the Channel Mapping of Cable Clearqam

<toc><ul><li><link topicref=“2”>Steps</link></li><li><link topicref=“3”>More detailed reading</link></li></ul></toc> Cogeco Cable also uses the standard &quot;scte65&quot; to send the channel mapping for clearQAM channels to their digital adapter boxes for analog TV's.

You can pull down this channel mapping with a tool called 'scte65scan'. The tool will generate SQL for direct import to MythTV.


1. Download and built the latest version of scte65scan from SVN. The mythTV wiki describes a problem where mplexids are not unique in the release version.

root@mediabox2:/usr/src# svn co scte65scan 
A    scte65scan/threads.h
A    scte65scan/Changelog
A    scte65scan/tunerdmx.c
A    scte65scan/us-Cable-Standard-center-frequencies-QAM256
A    scte65scan/fltkgui.h
A    scte65scan/tunerdmx.h
A    scte65scan/README
A    scte65scan/Makefile.fltk-hdhr
A    scte65scan/scte65scan.c
A    scte65scan/Makefile.hdhr
A    scte65scan/scte65scan.h
A    scte65scan/TODO
A    scte65scan/INSTALL
A    scte65scan/fltkgui.cxx
A    scte65scan/COPYING
A    scte65scan/Makefile
Checked out revision 29.
root@mediabox2:/usr/src# cd scte65scan/
root@mediabox2:/usr/src/scte65scan# make
cc -g tunerdmx.c scte65scan.c -o scte65scan

2. Scan your digital adapter for an scte65 signal, and note the (4 Digit) VCT-ID that matches the channel line-up you see.

root@mediabox2:/usr/src/scte65scan# ./scte65scan -A 1 us-Cable-Standard-center-frequencies-QAM256
VCT_ID 4011 (0x0fab) at 387012500hz, version 22
   2   88.2   2 TVO    (CICA)
   3   92.3   2 Global

3. Perform the same scan specifying the VCD-ID and generating the SQL output for MytvTV. My digital tuner card is source ID 2 which I have specified (,2) in my command

root@mediabox2:/usr/src/scte65scan# ./scte65scan -A 1 -V 4011 -f3,2 us-Cable-Standard-center-frequencies-QAM256 &gt; vct.sql

4. I can now import the resulting SQL after I have looked it over that it seems to be correct (you will need to manually correct things like the extra ' in some station names).

mysql -u mythtv -p mythtv &lt; vct.sql

More detailed reading

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