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dspam v3.0 for qmail

<toc></toc> This is my unofficial gadoyanspam v0.3 package, which is based on the original from <uri strref=“,”/> with modifications to support DSPAM v3 by Chris Atlee &lt;chris -at- atlee -d0t- ca&gt;, and a few minor tweaks by myself.

./configure --enable-long-usernames --enable-large-scale --enable-virtual-users --with-dspam-home=/var/qmail/maildirs/dspam --with-dspam-home-owner=vmail --with-dspam-home-group=vmail --with-storage-driver=mysql_drv --with-mysql-includes=/usr/include/mysql

make &amp;&amp; make install

Download <link href=“”>gadoyanspam</link> v0.3

Change the Makefile to match your location of the dspam source

DSPAM3_DIR      = ../dspam-3.0.0

Compile with:


and copy <tt>gadoyanspam</tt> to /var/qmail/bin (or some other convenient place in your path).

Configure your mysql database according to the instructions in dspam-3.0.0/tools.mysql_drv. You may want to change the table type from MyISAM to InnoDB to try and improve on the default full-table locking. <p>Create the file /var/qmail/maildirs/dspam/ with the values you used to set up the mysql database/user.</p>

I use qmail-ldap, so I add gadoyanspam to the DeliveyProgramPath of my LDAP record. You can also add gadoyanspam to your .qmail file. You will also want to create [email protected] and [email protected] email aliases for your account which will be used to train the global DSPAM corpus.

Use <tt>watch dspam_stats</tt> as mail passes through to see if DSPAM/gadoyanspam are being hit. <p>Set up a cron entry to clean the dspam corpus. Copy tools.mysql/purge.sql to /var/qmail/maildirs/dspam and add an entry to cron like the following:</p><p>&lt;code&gt; </p><p>0 0 * * * mysql -h -u dspam -ppassword dspam &lt; /var/qmail/maildirs/dspam/purge.sql; /usr/local/bin/dspam_clean -s0 -p -u</p><p>&lt;/code&gt;</p><p>You may want to add root (and maybe others) to the <tt>trusted.users</tt> file</p>

echo root &gt; /var/qmail/maildirs/dspam/trusted.users
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