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Connect ubuntu to Windows Mobile 3G

I connected a netbook running Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 (UNR) to a Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM6) phone using bluetooth to get mobile broadband access.

The Windows Mobile phone has "Internet Sharing" which allows the phone to act as a wireless router and dhcp server giving bluetooth devices access to the phone's data plan.

<toc><ul><li><link topicref=“2”>Ubuntu Setup</link></li><li><link topicref=“3”>Connect</link><ul><li><link topicref=“4”>Windows Mobile Phone</link></li><li><link topicref=“5”>Ubuntu</link></li></ul></li><li><link topicref=“6”>Disconnect</link><ul><li><link topicref=“7”>Ubuntu</link></li><li><link topicref=“8”>Windows Mobile Phone</link></li></ul></li></ul></toc>

Ubuntu Setup

<list><ol><li>Right click on the bluetooth icon and select Preferences</li><li>Select &quot;Always Visible&quot;</li><li>Pair the Windows Mobile phone with your Ubuntu laptop (Start –&gt; Settings –&gt; Connections –&gt; Bluetooth –&gt; Add new device…)</li><li>Install pand and enable pand on boot</li></ol></list>

sudo -s
aptitude update
aptitude install bluez-compat
echo &quot;PAND_ENABLED=1&quot; &gt;&gt; /etc/default/bluetooth
/etc/init.d/bluetooth restart

5. Display current bluetooth pairings so that you can get the BD address of the phone

cat /var/lib/bluetooth/*/names

6. Add a section to your /etc/network/interfaces where 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is the BD address you got from the names file above.

iface bnep0 inet dhcp
    pre-up /usr/bin/pand --connect 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -n
    post-down /usr/bin/pand --kill 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX


<h2>Windows Mobile Phone</h2> <list><ol><li>Go to: Start –&gt; Programs –&gt; Internet Sharing</li><li>Set the PC Connection to Bluetooth PAN</li><li>Click Connect</li></ol></list> (Bluetooth will be started automatcially on the phone).

<h2>Ubuntu</h2> <list><ol><li>Open a terminal and connect</li></ol></list>

sudo ifup bnep0



sudo ifdown bnep0

<h2>Windows Mobile Phone</h2> <list><ol><li>Disable bluetooth to save your battery</li></ol></list>

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