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Adata s599 Firmware Update

I had an almost impossible time updating the firmware on 2 disks from 3.1 to the latest 3.4.6.

Everything I read said that the firmware updates would solve the problems I was having. <p>The largest problem is that the firmware update tool is only available for Windows.</p><p>What worked for me:</p> <list><ul><li>Dell Optiplex 960 with drive connected to eSATA port</li><li>BIOS set to Autodetect Raid/AHCI mode for SATA</li><li>Windows 7 (32-bit) [right-click ssdupdate.exe, Run as Administrator]</li><li>Required!: single NTFS partition, linux partitions removed</li></ul></list> … the last tidbit which I got in a support email - for the drive to be found, the drive must have a single (assumed NTFS) partition. For me that meant copying all linux data off, deleting the partitions and creating a single new partition on a borrowed Windows machine.

In future, I will probably stick with OCZ as they have a linux firmware update tool that runs from a live-cd.

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